Food & Beverage


En Route Picnic Boxes

The bold, colorful picnic boxes have a rustic appearance and are available in three options: The Ploughman's Picnic Box, The Country Picnic Box and The Farmer’s Picnic Box

En Route Iftar Meal Boxes

The premium box features a wrap, laban drink, water cuplet and a selection of ambient products, such as baklava and a date bar

En Route Afternoon Tea Boxes

Each box features a variety of chilled, frozen and ambient products that can be mixed and matched

En Route Interactive Youth Boxes

Each box encloses one of six cuddly bird characters and packaging designed to include a range of activities, including mazes, coloring-in pages, postcards and more

Bella Bruschetta

En Route launches a new range of healthy snacks inspired by the Mediterranean

Say Cheese

En Route’s new range of cheeses

The Great Western Larder box

En Route International and Rail Gourmet launch their latest initiative