Food & Beverage


Smart trolley for sales

The i.trolley is a base for further optimizations like virtual selling or commission selling.

Desert salt from the Kalahari

Oryx Desert Salt is unrefined desert salt, free from any additives, chemicals, bleaching and preservatives.

Local Gelato on Delta

Delta has added Honeysuckle's Sea-Salted Caramel gelato to flights departing Atlanta

Flavored squash drink finds rail and airline customers

Single portions of liquid squash concentrate in a stick form

Cheer with Crumpled Cups

REVOL has launched its “Crumpled Cups,” multi-nation and flags edition, representing several countries

Air france new meals

All natural and preservative free, Get Movin' snack pack cookies and crackers provide a healthy option for eating on the go.

Air France new meals

New meals developed by Toques du Ciel chef Michel Nugues are now available as a purchase alternative to the complimentary meals served in the Premium Voyageur cabin on Air France