Food & Beverage


American Breakfast teas

Bigelow Tea introduces American Breakfast teas — an all-new line of robust black teas naturally formulated with 50% more caffeine than the average cup of tea

Padded Headset Storage Bag

InflightDirect introduces a new, padded headset storage bag for carrying and protecting Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) headphones

Bite-Size Cocktail Pita Bread

Nina Bakery will present its Bite-Size Cocktail Pita Bread at this year’s WTCE in Hamburg

MINIBITE® Pretzel chips - limited edition design

At this year's WTCE, HOPPE Food Group will stage the release of MINIBITE® Pretzel chips, the first MINIBITE® snack in a limited edition Hoppe design

Lindt DIVA truffles

Lindt of Switzerland introduces its new Lindt DIVA range of truffles

Donsuemor Nonnette

Donsuemor presents its Nonnette, a classic French baked good available in three flavors

Green Is Possible Mealbox

Global Inflight Products has introduced the Green is Possible Mealbox, a new product from its Green is Possible line of products

Bella Bruschetta

En Route launches a new range of healthy snacks inspired by the Mediterranean

Hi Chew™ Fruit Chews

The Hoffman Group is pleased to introduce Hi Chew™ Fruit Chews from MORINAGA AMERICA, INC.

FlyFit’s halal-certified yoghurt and bars

FlyFit’s Healthy Yoghurt and Nutritional Bars have been halal certified

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