Food & Beverage


FlyFit Healthy Chews (Halal)

FlyFit Healthy Chews (Halal) with vitamin C, E and Zinc nourish skin and help reduce fatigue

Melomakarona Biscuits

Associated with the centuries-old Christmas traditions of the historic land of Messinia in Greece, Melomakarona biscuits are soaked in a special syrup made from quality wildflower honey and sprinkled with chopped walnuts

Halal hand-held hot snacks

Made in Italy following artisan baking methods, Group SOI's Halal snacks feature local ingredients, naturally leavened pizza dough and are baked using a traditional stone oven

Peace Egg

Gut Springenheide's Peace Egg is a natural eggshell filled with praline chocolate, accompanied by a message of peace

Stone Oven Pizza Pala

Group SOI's new stone oven pizza pala can be personalized in terms of shape and size and features quality Italian toppings

Ocean Spray® Grab & Go snacks

DFMi is pleased to introduce Ocean Spray® Grab & Go snacks, a tasty, guilt-free snack

Free for All Kitchen® Gluten-Free Brownie Thins

Presented by Partners Crackers, Free for All Kitchen® products are gluten-free, certified Kosher, and made with high quality non-GMO ingredients

Halal-certified desserts

Lily O’Brien’s has recently developed a range of Halal-certified desserts in response to the growing demand from airlines for products that can cater to passenger's dietary needs and restrictions

Bonne Maman Chilled Breakfast Box

Bonne Maman now offers airlines a complete branded breakfast box in exclusive partnership with Oakfield Farms Solutions in Europe

Duetto – Sweet & Savory Snacks

Easy to enjoy — simply reheat in the oven for 15 minutes — the Sweet & Savory Duetto Combo snacks are made by following traditional Italian methods and recipes

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