Seal of approval

Re-usable, tamper evident seals for catering and duty free carts

Innovative aisle widening seats

Molon Lab Designs, an aircraft interiors design house which focuses on improving airline profitability, offers innovative aisle widening seats.

Range of inflight headphones

Shanghai Haoliwen specializes in a wide variety of aviation supplies, including headsets, textiles, and amenity kits.

Superior non-toxic cleaner

Armchem's new Luster® Superior Aerosol Metal Cleaner & Polish is a food grade, odorless emulsified cleaner made to restore the original patina and shine to all metals.

Inflight catering disposables

Deeko Bahrain’s assortment of inflight catering disposables are most versatile for use inside the cabin. This company also guarantees hygiene and safety of the highest standard for each of their products.

Unique air freshener

Freshorize has developed a new operating system which incorporates a unique material that has micro capillaries.

Innovative Galley Buddy

Eyelevel is proud to introduce the innovative Galley Buddy - designed to help discard waste onboard without harm or contamination to the environment.

EcoLite® Cart

Diethelm Keller Aviation presents The EcoLite®, which was designed and developed through a meticulous engineering pursuit of balancing weight reduction - while offering better user features, thermal performance and aesthetics.

The Zonal Drying™ System

The Zonal Drying™ System from CTT prevents condensation in modern aircraft, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions.

AVID's new noise cancelling headset

AVID has introduced a new high quality noise-cancelling headset called the AVID Clarity NC.

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