Air Iceland decorative crest by ABC International

The crest features a varnished laser-cut aluminum logo in the shape of the winged-horse Pegasus, which is supported by an anodized lightweight aluminum panel

New pastel colors from AMKO

AMKO's dinnerware is now offered in a range of modern pastel colors

Gogo® TV

Gogo® TV enables airlines to broadcast sports, breaking news and other live content to screens within the aircraft, including passengers’ Wi-Fi-enabled PEDs and embedded IFE systems, via IPTV technology

Rituals Comfort Kit

Rituals supplies customized amenity packs with a combination of products, including: a range of lip balms, facial creams, hand creams, shaving creams, body moisturizers, eye treatments, Rituals QI Relaxing Serum, and EDTs and deodorants

Amenity Kit

Linstol is redefining the traditional onboard amenity kit by combining fashion-inspired details with luxurious cosmetic brands and elegant accents

Trayless Container

GIP's trayless container is rotable, lightweight, is available in several colors and features a customizable lid to hold any casserole.

Bose QC-25 active noise cancellation headphones

Engineered to have better sound, comfort and be easier to travel with, the QuietComfort® 25 headphones offer a more powerful and balanced sound experience

Series 6 Economy Class seat

The key innovation of the the new Series 6 fixed-back new generation Economy Class seat is the elimination of the standard aluminium tube frame, which has been replaced with a fully composite construction

AE-222 headset

AVID designed the AE-222 headset from scratch to be fully reusable and ergonomically optimized

Plastic tray set

In collaboration with Alitalia's marketing and onboard service departments, Kaelis has desgined and developed a new tray setup for Alitalia economy onboard service

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